Powdercoat Colour Swatch

All of Hunza’s aluminium outdoor lighting products are available in a choice of 10 UV stable powdercoated colours.

All aluminium components are subject to a four stage cold process metal cleaning and chromating process over a set period of time. The chromating process provides a protection against corrosion and creates a substrate allowing the powdercoat to bond with the component.

Once powdercoated all components are oven cured at a set temperature and for a specific time. The powdercoating is then tested to Oricas Q net ISO 9001 standard for correct thickness and bonding of the film, ensuring the high quality of the end product.

These products have a 5 year guarantee, excluding lamps and lamp holders which are consumable items.

Swatches of the powdercoat colours are available upon request.

NB: The chart illustrated should be used as a guide only as your monitor and printer settings may alter the colours.

Accessories Range

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