Hunza Wall Mount Transformer

The Hunza Wall Mount Transformer series has a black glass reinforced UV stabilised nylon case for durability that also maintains a low operating temperature. The transformer is encapsulated into the case for protection against weather and irrigation systems. The transformers are available in 100, 150, 200, 300 watt output. Case material: UV Stable Glass reinforced Nylon 66.

To assist you in getting the most out of the Hunza Wall Mount Transformer and, Hunza have produced this small, CD sized device that will help you work out styles of cable runs and cable run lengths.

It has been designed as an aid only and should be used in conjunction with local electrical regulations.

The transformer case construction is glass filled UV stabilised Nylon 66, with rear heat reduction system for cool running. The transformer is Encapsulated Toroidal, Class E insulation, dual primary voltage (240 volt) with multi tap (12, 13, 14 volts) secondary fused with ceramic link.

Wall Mount Transformers Carry a 5 Year Replacement Warranty

Spec Sheet

Information Sheet

Cable Calculator Information Sheet

Multi-Voltage Wall Mount Transformer:

The case is screwed directly to a flat mounting surface
Terminal Block Size:
Primary – 16 mm (6AWG)
Secondary – 16mm (6AWG)
Primary – 120 volt 60Hz or 240 volt 50Hz
Secondary – Multi Tap 12, 13, 14 volts
Conduit Entry:
Primary – 25mm (1”)
Secondary – 32mm (11⁄4”)
Fused secondary with ceramic fuse for short circuit protection
IP66 AS/NZS 61046

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