Hunza Path Lite

The Hunza Path Lite PureLED is ideal for lighting flat areas, decks, paved courtyards, and edge lighting paths. The frosted Borosilica dome glass lens has been developed to prevent mud, dirt, grass clippings, or water from entering the optics area, keeping with its IP68 rating. In addition, the glass lens retains the sealing gasket and significantly reduces glare through 1,2,3 or 4 facets. The Path Lite 2 facets may be used as a step light in a wall or fence to shine light up and down.

The Hunza PURE LED system uses Cree MT-G2 chip for maximum performance and long life. Power supply is by external remote (series connection) driver. The PURE LED system incorporates Hunza’s Plug-and-Play system for easy replacement of the LED engine. A choice of Warm or Cool Whiye colour termperatures is available.

The Path Lite Stainless Flanges are very durable and can withstand static weight loads betwwn 1,700kg and 3,500kg. At 700mA this fitting is the equivalent of a 35w halogen fitting and at 1000mA this fitting is the equivalent of a 50w halogen fitting.

Lifetime Warranty on Lens Breakage

Power Supply

Light Ideas T-50 or Hunza Buriable IG20 safety isolating transformer (single installation), multi installation with any of the Light Ideas transformer range or Hunza IG safety isolating transformers, alternatively the Hunza Wall Mount series WMl00 – WM3OO Double Insulated Safety Isolating Transformers.

Available Options & Finishes

Copper and 316L Stainless Steel
PATH Path Lite – 1, 2, 3 or 4 facet


CJK150 – Cable Joint Kit (available in single kits or packs of 5)
SL/CAN-A – Aluminium Step Lite Canister
CAN-SS – 316 stainless steel Step Lite Canister

Path Lite Effects

Path Lighting Range

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