Hunza ST150 Ultra RGBW

The Ultra SafeTouchTM 150 RGBW inground luminaire has been designed for uplighting in public spaces, incorporating a high-output, multi-colour LED system that is controlled by DMX to produce any colour in the visible spectrum, including pastels and various shades of white.

The RGBW LED system is superior to older RGB systems in that a range of warm white colour temperatures can be achieved, as well as a much more extensive range of subtle hues.

This fixture operates at very cool lens temperatures so it is safe for any public spaces and it has a fully adjustable gimbal allowing 360 degree rotation and 0-20 degree elevation.

Cat. No: ST150RGBW
LED Chip: Cree XPE x 36 (colours) Cree XPG x 12 (white)
Output: 3000
Lumens Per Watt: Varies due to colour mix
CRI Warm White (3000K): Varies due to colour mix
Colour Temperature: RGBW
Materials: Solid Bronze or 316 Stainless Steel Flange
Ingress Protection: IP67
Standards: AS/NZS 61046, Non-UL
Power Supply: ELDOLED Powerdrive 4 channel

Spec Sheet / Dimensions:

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