DALI Dimming LED Drivers

What is DALI? In simple terms DALI – digital addressable lighting interface – is a two-way communication system that brings digital technology to lighting. It is an international standard for communication and DALI defines the commands that ballasts need to recognize in order to be considered DALI ballasts.

The system allows individual ballasts to talk to the user, and in turn, allows the user to talk back via DALI controllers, computers equipped with appropriate software, or building management systems.

Product Name DALI LCM-40DA Driver DALI LCM-60DA Driver
Product Code T-D-LCM-40DA T-D-LCM-60DA
Input v 230 230
Output v Multi DIP Switch Multi DIP Switch
Output w 40 watts 60 watts
IP Rating IP20 IP20
Cable Length None None
Dimmable DALI DALI
Max Distance 60m 60m
Auto Re-set Yes Yes
Mounting Case or Canister Case or Canister
Dimensions 124mm x 82mm x 23mm 124mm x 82mm x 23mm
LuxR Modux 1 1-25 (350mA) n/a
LuxR Modux 2 1-15 (700mA) 1-40 (700mA)
LuxR Modux 4 1-8 (700mA) (a) 1-13 (700mA) (a)
Hunza PureLED 1-5 (1050mA) 1-8 (1050mA)
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(a) Border, Euro Spot, Twig, Walkway and, Mouse Lites – 700mA
(b) All other Hunza PureLED products – 1050mA

Last updated: 9-May-16

DALI Dimming LED Drivers spec sheet.pdf

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