Modux Two Large Recessed Round

A larger version of the Recessed Round. This is particularly useful when the mounting hole is generous or hole coverage is a priority.

The flange diameter is Ø85mm.

Hexcell Louvre baffle is available.

Also available in the Modux Four range.


LED Colours


Input Current: 700mA
Forward Voltage: 3Vf
Power: 2 Watt
Efficacy: 66 lm/W
Colours: 2700°K, 3000°K, 4000°K, 5000°K, Red, Green, Blue, Amber
CRI [3000°K]: 85
Beam [FWHM]: 8°, 26°, 36°, 74°, 15°+40° Oval
Glass Lenses: Clear, Frosted, Hexcell louvre baffle
Standards: IP68, LM79, CE UL1838
Light Engine: Plug-in dimmable module equipped with Cree XT-E LED
Driver: Remote constant current driver required, or LuxR Integral 12V AC driver
Spec Sheet: Modux Two.pdf
Exploded View.pdf

Modux Two Range




Large Recessed:

Surface Mounted:

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