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NEW Hunza LED Path Lite Surface Mount

The Path Lite Surface Mount is ideal for lighting flat areas where a recessed fitting is not suitable. It is especially suited to decks, paved courtyards, and edge lighting paths.

This LED - coupled with a frosted Borosilica dome glass lens - produces little-to-no glare through 1, 2, 3 or 4 facets. The lens has been developed to prevent dirt, mud, grass clippings or water from entering the optics area, keeping with its IP66 rating.

The Hunza PURE LED system uses Cree MT-G chips for maximum performance and long life. There is an external remote (series connection) driver option also.

The PURE LED system also incorporates HUNZA’s Plug-and-Play system for easy replacement of either the LED engine or integral driver in the field. Four beam angles, and a choice of a Warm or Cool White colour temperatures are available.

Luminaire Construction

CNC machined from one of the following metals:
Copper Body: 88mm (3½") x 9mm (13/32")
Flange 88mm (3½") solid copper rod
316 Stainless Steel Body: 88mm (3½") x 9mm (13/32")
Flange 88mm (3½") solid 316 stainless steel rod


The luminaire is secured to the ground by three mounting screws

Path Lite Features

Lens: 3mm (1/8") thick froster Borosilica dome glass with a Lifetime Warranty
Gaskets: Silicone, iron impregnated 220°C (428°F)
LED: Cree MTG Plug and Play, field replaceable PCB board
Lumen Output: 415
Lumens Per Watt: 65
Warm White CRI: 85+
Driver: Integral 1000mA Plug and Play, field replaceable and dimerable
Accessories: Cable Joint Kit (Cat. CJK150). Not approved for USA/Canada

Product Specifications

Standards: EN60598 IP68 Ul1838
Weight: Copper 1.30kg (2lb 12oz) / Stainless Steel 1.00kg (2lb 2oz)
Power Supply For Driver: HUNZA™ Inground or Wall Mount Transformer not included
12v AC/DC Driver: HUNZA Plug and Play Driver
Input: 12 vac / vdc 7 watt
Output: 6.4 dc 1050mA Dimmerable
Light Source: LED - CREE MT-G 6.4 watt Plug and Play board
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