Hunza Outdoor Lighting

Hunza New Zealand luminaires are the result of careful thought and creativity coupled with the demands of our customers, lighting designers, the environment and a desire to create a timeless and contemporary design from quality materials.

The luminaires are designed on a state-of-the-art three-dimensional software package that completes the total precision design concept.

Hunza Path Lighting
Path Lighting

Outdoor lighting designed for ground and deck mounting.

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Hunza Step Lighting
Step Lighting

Ideal for driveway lighting, patios, or any exterior paved area.

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Hunza Up Lighting
Up Lighting

Fixtures for uplighting planters, bushes, trees, or statues.

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Hunza Down Lighting
Down Lighting

Give columns, pillars, or gateway entrances that dramatic effect.

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Euro Collection

Beautifully crafted to fully utilise the MR11 Dichroic lamp.

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Hunza Sign Lighting
Sign Lighting

Lighting designed to give a gentle wash of light over large areas.

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Hunza Underwater Lighting
Underwater Lighting

Swimming pool lighting, underwater lighting and marine luminaires.

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Hunza High Power Series
High Power Series

Delivering the benefits of energy efficiency and cool touch surfaces.

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Hunza Cube Series
Cube Series

Lighting fixtures to compliment our modern day urban environments.

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Hunza Ultra Range
Ultra Range

Strong, industrial grade fixtures ideal for commercial applications.

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Hunza and Light Ideas Accessories

Accessories to compliment the low voltage outdoor lighting package.

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Hunza Transformers

Transformers to complete the low voltage outdoor lighting package.

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