Hunza Europe
Hunza exterior lighting is precision engineered and assembled by hand in New Zealand. All Hunza aluminum powder-coat finish luminaires have a 5 Year Warranty while solid copper and stainless steel luminaires have a 10 Year Warranty. All glass lenses supplied with Hunza luminaires have Lifetime Warranty.
LuxR Modux
LuxR Modux is a brand new concept in outdoor lighting. These modern modular light fixtures are powered by the all new LuxR light engine. LuxR LED has been developed to meet the challenge of delivering high quality practical lighting, with maximum energy efficiency, and a long maintenance-free life.
BEGA Luminaires
BEGA have been developing and producing high-quality architectural luminaires for almost 70 years. All BEGA LED luminaires are supplied with tailor-made modules from their own production line and availability of all replacement modules is guaranteed for up to 20 years after date of purchase date.
LED lighting
LED have very long operational lives with the additional advantage of very low heat output. They are ideal for installation in hard to access places due to the low maintenance and long life of the array. We can offer an LED lighting solution for most of the Hunza, LuxR and BEGA ranges of outdoor lighting.

what's new in 2020

Our Hunza, LuxR Modux and BEGA luminaries now feature more than 200 discreetly styled low voltage and mains luminaires and these ranges are continually evolving as we listen and react to customer feedback.