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Partnering with Moretti Luce

Italian Styling

Light is a symbol of innovation, beauty and technology. Moretti Luce stands out for its expert processing of metals, combined with its intelligent research into lighting systems. Experimentation and research constitute the solid foundations of their work.

Attention to trends and styles is their inspiration for the constant development and fine-tuning of Moretti Luce designs, made in the very best Italian style and appreciated all over the world.

Constantly evolving

Moretti Luce

Partnering with Moretti Luce, Light Ideas are proud to introduce a range of Moretti Luce brass ourdoor wall lamps. These lamps are constantly evolving in terms of designs meaning they are always in step with market demand and contemporary taste.

Moretti Luce offer a wide range of products in different materials. And materials are crucial: the metals and alloys they use are top quality, guaranteeing optimum performance, durability and efficiency.