LuxR Modux Micro Spike Spot with Glare Guard

LuxR Micro Spike

Spike Spot with Glare Guard

The Micro Spike Spot with Glare Guard is a miniature low-voltage dimmable outdoor spot light, with a 100mm spike for installing into soil. Ideal for planters and larger pots and illuminating small trees, simply plant and orient.

Precision machined in marine grade 316 stainless steel or copper, the luminaire achieves IP68 water ingress rating for peace of mind.

The Cree 1 watt max LED can be easily replaced if required or substituted for a colour LED. The optic is also simple to change if you wish to alter the beam width.

Finishes [?]

LED Colours [?]


Input Current: 60mA – 360mA max
Forward Voltage: 3Vf
Power: 1 Watt max
Efficacy: 70 Lm/W
Colours: 2700°K, 3000°K, 4000°K, 5000°K, Red, Green, Blue, Amber
CRI [3000°K]: 90+
Beam: 16°, 37°, 84°, 13°+40° Oval
Lens: n/a
Standards: IP68, LM79, CE UL1838
Light Engine: Plug-in dimmable module equipped with Cree XT-E LED
Driver: Remote constant current driver required


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