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BEGA Wall Recessed 22230

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BEGA Wall Recessed 22230

BEGA Wall Recessed

Compact recessed wall luminaires for operation with 24 V power supply units, for a large number of indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Luminaires with directed light mainly illuminate the traffic areas in front of the installation surface, thus providing safe guidance, even in the dark. Recessed luminaires for corridors, pathways and staircases, and wherever dangerous areas have to be marked.

Shallow installation depths and the BEGA mounting system ensure simple and economical installation in solid or hollow structures.

  • Protection class IP65
  • Safety class III
  • Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
  • Safety glass
  • Luminaires without power supply unit
  • 20-year availability guarantee for LED modules

Colour Temperatures


Lighting Effects

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