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Hunza Cable Joint Kit

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Hunza Cable Joint Kit

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Hunza Cable Joint Kit

The Hunza Cable Joint Kit is designed to join two separate cables together using crimp sleeves and an adhesive heat shrink. The kit includes two yellow 6mm crimp sleeves and a 150mm long 12/4 black adhesive heat shrink.

If done correctly the kit will create a water-tight seal protecting the Hunza outdoor lighting luminaires from water ingress. Kits are available in single packs or for a reduced price, in packs of 5.

The connectors are Through-Crimps and the outside sheathing is Adhesive Lined Heat-Shrink. 1 Heat-Shrink sheath and 2 Through-Crimps are only suitable for a 2-cable connection. Where an underground 3-ways connection is required, it is essential to utilise a IP67 enclosure and glands, alternatively this can be achieved by a junction box and a hard setting resin.

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