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G4 1.5W LED Lamp

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G4 1.5W LED Lamp

G4 1.5W

Product code for ordering: LED / G4-WW

(CW=Cool White, WW=Warm White)

The Hunza G4 luminaires can now be specified with quality LED high output arrays. The G4 LED use only 1.5 watt compared to a 20 watt traditional halogen light source. The bi-pin base fits into any G4 size lamp holder providing high performance and energy savings.

LED arrays have extremely long operational lives – up to 50,000 hours with the additional advantage of very low heat output. LED luminaires are ideal for installation in difficult to access places due to the low maintenance and long life of the array.

This compact LED lamp houses it’s own driver, so there is no need for additional drivers or transformers. It is not suitable for use with Retro fittings.

NB: This product does have an internal drive, but will also require either a transformer or a DC driver. However, please note that a transformers life may be reduced if it is not sufficiently loaded. For example life expectancy for a 20 watt transformer will be reduced if fewer than 10 watts are loaded through it. This light source operates at 1.5 watts therefore multiple lamps should be connected to one transformer. LED lamps are not compatible with Retro transformers as Retro transformers require at least 10 watts to perform. For maximum life a separate DC Driver is recommended instead of a transformer.

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