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The Hunza RGBW Colour Change Range

Hunza High Power Down Lite RGBWHunza’s new range of RGBW Colour Change luminaires include many of the popular fittings from the High Power and Ultra ranges.

Ultra RGBW fittings include the Ultra 35 Spot and Ultra 35 Pole Spot, plus SafeTouch 100 and ST150 inground luminaires.

Incorporating a high-output, multi-colour LED system controlled by DMX, these fittings can produce any colour in the visible spectrum, including pastels and various shades of white.

Create Your Dynamic Colour Statement

Hunza High Power Catenary Mount RGBWThe improved RGBW LED system is superior to older RGB systems in that a range of warm white colour temperatures can be achieved, as well as a much more extensive range of subtle hues

All High Power products have an extra powdercoat layer to ensure maximum corrosion protection and each RGBW unit comes with its own remote mounted DMX driver.

These stunning new RGBW luminaires will breath life into any outdoor lighting design.

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