Hunza Anti-Syphon

The Hunza Anti-Syphon system has been designed to counter the problem of wicking (siphoning or water ingress) of water through the supply cable into the lamp housing causing water to condense and dramatically shorten the life of the lamp, lamp holder and luminaire.

Siphoning is caused by the expansion and contraction of air inside the luminaire due to heat generated by the lamp. As the lamp heats up, the air expands and is forced down into the supply cable.

The problem manifests itself when the luminaire enters the cooling cycle and the air cools to create considerable suction inside the lamp housing and supply cables.

The joint between the luminaire cable and the cable from the transformer becomes critical at this stage because a leaking or poor cable joint will allow water to be siphoned up the cable directly into the luminaire. Unless this cycle is broken this action will dramatically reduce the life of the luminaire.

Applicable to the following Hunza exterior lighting products:

Bollard 300, Border Lite, Border Lite Twin, Deck Lite, Driveway Lite, Euro Spot, Euro Single and Twin Pole Lites, Fern Lite, Lawn and Lawn Lite Deck Mount, IG111 and IG111gm, Spike Spot, Spike Spot Adjustable, Twig Lite, Twin Bar Lite, Single and Twin Pole Lite, Tier Lite, Walkway Lite, Pole Spot.

NB: This is a factory fit item and can not be retro fit, therefore this is an information page only. The Anti-Syphon can not be ordered as a separate item.

Accessories Range

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