Hunza Mounting Canisters

Hunza mounting canisters provide an efficient and professional method of installing Hunza exterior lighting luminaires. The internal O’rings also make the installed luminaires difficult to remove, therefore making them harder to steal; a priceless accessory for public installations.

The step lite canisters are available in aluminium and 316 stainless steel for high corrosion locations e.g. sea front areas and lime stone installations etc.

The fluorescent canister is manufactured from PVC.

The deck canister is adjustable and is suitable for use in varying thicknesses of timber – 10mm (3/8”) – 75mm(3”).

Spec Sheet

Available Options & Finishes:

CAN-SS Step Lite Canister Stainless Steel 145mm
DK/CAN Deck Mounting Canister Aluminium 145mm
EDK/CAN Euro Deck Canister Aluminium 100mm
EFL/CAN Euro Floor Lite Canister Aluminium 103mm
ESL/CAN-SS Euro Step Lite Canister Stainless Steel 100mm
FL/CAN Floor Lite Canister – Alum Flanged 148mm
FL/CAN-LONG Floor Lite Canister Aluminium 206mm
PL/CAN Pool Lite Canister 320mm
PL/CAN180 Pool Lite Canister 180mm
PL/CAN220 Pool Lite Canister 220mm
PL/CAN-SR Pool Lite Canister 125mm Ring & Separate End Cap
SL/CAN-A Step Lite Canister Aluminium 145mm
SL/CAN-STUD Step Lite Canister – Stud Mount
SL/FL/CAN-FL Canister for Step Lite & Floor Lite Fluorescent 210mm

You can use a FL/CAN-LONG Floor Canister 206mm Aluminium to install Step Lites and Path Lites connected to a HET75 Electronic Transformer inside the canister.

Accessories Range

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