MR11 1W LED Lamp

Product code for ordering: LED/LP-1W-MR11

(WW=Warm White)

This MR11 1 watt LED fits perfectly into all of the Hunza Euro Collection low voltage luminaires (with the exception of Retro models). In a situation where heat is a concern, this light source option has the advantage of an extremely low running temperature with associated low power consumption and long-life. A modern, fashionable accessory to Hunza exterior lighting.

The MR11 Cree LED lamp is available with a 30° beam angle and Warm White (3000K) colour output.

NB: This product requires a transformer. However, please note that a transformers life may be reduced if it is not sufficiently loaded.

This light source operates at 3 watts therefore multiple lamps should be connected to one transformer.

LED lamps are not compatible with electronic (Retro) transformers.

For maximum life a separate DC Driver is recommended instead of a transformer.

LED Lamp Range

Osram 12V Soraa Soraa 12V GU Soraa 7.5W AR1-11 18.5W Soraa 2W G9 MR16 4.6W GU10 Osram MR11 1W G4 1.5W LED Panel 3 Watt

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