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Hunza Path Lite

Hunza Path Lite

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Hunza Path Lite

The Hunza Path Lite is ideal for lighting flat areas, decks, paved courtyards or edge lighting paths. It has a low profile and directs light horizontally through a custom made TIR Borosilica glass lens. This lens has been developed to prevent dirt, mud, grass clippings or water from entering the optics area, keeping with its IP68 rating.

In addition, the glass lens retains the sealing gasket and significantly reduces glare through 1,2,3 or 4 facets, while the stainless flanges are very durable and can withstand static weight loads of up to 3,500kg.

This luminaire is available with 5 different flange options

Suitable for use with PureLED only.


Lighting Effects

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