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The Hunza TIR Lens

Hunza TIR LensThe TIR Lens will now be supplied as standard with all Hunza Path Lites. The lens is made from 18mm thick toughened glass and it completely fills the void and now stops any soil or moisture from entering the top facet. With this design change the lamp now needs to be an MR16 type lamp, or GU10 when using retro fit lamps.

Total Image Reflector

Hunza TIR LensThe main benefit of Hunza’s TIR Lens is how it dramatically improves light output on the horizontal plane, with the specially designed integral cone reflecting light outwards. There’s also the added feature of throwing light up to 10° below the horizon plane, helping to accommodate for undulation in the ground.

Converting Path Lites

Hunza TIR LensConverting an existing Path Lite with a G4 capsule is easy. First remove the white disk that holds the lamp holder in place and then fit the MR16 lamp. PureLED luminaires previously supplied with the domed lens will need the heat sink to be changed.

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