Hunza Tree Mount Kit

The Hunza Tree Mount Kit has been specifically designed to be mounted to a tree in order to create moonlighting effects (see also Moonlighter Accessory), illuminate higher structures, in conjunction with a NPS Spot (sold separately).

The Tree Mount Kit with Rubber Strap consists of a mounting dome and a one metre adjustable rubber strap, which expands as the tree grows, causing no harm to the tree.

The Tree Mount Kit Screw Fix consists of a mounting dome and three 316 stainless steel screws. The screws initially suspend the dome 40mm from the trees surface which allows the tree to grow with out causing any harm.

Both kits comes with a female adapter for NPS thread.

Nylon 66: Extremely tough UV stable glass filled Nylon 66, suitable for use with aluminium, copper and 316 stainless steel luminaires – therefore there is no electrolytic reaction between the metals used in luminaire and dome.

Spec Sheet

Available Options & Finishes:

SSP/TRS Tree Mount Kit with Rubber Strap
SSP/T-BLK Tree Mount Kit with Screw Fix

Accessories Range

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