Hunza Double Pagoda Lite

The Hunza Double Pagoda Lite – also referred to as the Pagoda Pagoda Lite – has two G4 lamps, which produce a general lighting effect. This luminaire is not for directional lighting. The lens is manufactured from high quality UV stable polycarbonate with stainless anti-glare mesh.

The luminaire is machined from a choice of 10mm (3/8”) thick aluminium with a UV stable powder coated finish (10 standard colours), solid copper or 316 stainless steel with a clear, tempered, stepped glass lens and high temperature silicon gaskets.

The Retro is a 240-12 ac mains option suited to an installation where mounting a transformer is a problem, e.g. a brick wall where there is only the cable protruding out of the wall and it is not an option to recess the transformer or when replacing an existing light fitting. The base size increases in size to accommodate the encapsulated IP66 dimmable transformer.

Hunza offers a comprehensive range of LED options and we regularly update the technology in line with the latest developments. Please refer to the LED Lighting section of our website for the most up to date information on LED options for this luminaire. The LED option for this fitting cannot be installed in the Retro luminaire; an external transformer would have to be used.

Lifetime Warranty on Lens Breakage

Power Supply

Hunza Wall Mount series, WM100 – WM300, are Double Insulated Safety Isolating Transformers. For internal mounting, use Hunza H20 or H50 internal transformers. Retro Option (/R) – Integral 240 Volt 75 watt Electronic Transformer.

Available Options & Finishes

Copper, 316L Stainless Steel and Powdercoated Aluminium:
PGLPGL Double Pagoda Lite (Pagoda Pagoda Lite)
PGLPGL/R Double Pagoda Lite (Pagoda Pagoda Lite) Retro (Integral Elec. Transformer)
PGLPGL/GU Double Pagoda Lite (Pagoda Pagoda Lite) GU10


CJK150 – Cable Joint Kit
#/LENSBOLOP – Opaque Lens
#/WBAP – Wall Box Adaptor Plate


Double Pagoda Lite


Double Pagoda Lite.pdf *
Double Pagoda Lite PureLED.pdf *

* Modified for the UK & European market

Down Lighting Range

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