Hunza HP Pool Lite


The Pond Lite High Power LED is electro polished for extra corrosion protection and is held in the PVC canister by two ‘O’ rings. There are no mounting screws in the flange to spoil the aesthetics of this luminaire. Up to 600mm (2 ft) of cable can be coiled up inside the mounting canister enabling the luminaire to be removed for lamp changing above the water line. Supplied with 6 metres (18 ft) of submersible cable. Longer cable available on request. The Pool Lite PVC Canister can be ordered separately on request.

Available in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K colour temperatures.

Cable Joint Kit (Cat. CJK150), Frosted Lens (Cat.STEPF), Hex Cell Louvre (Cat. HCL), Pool Lite Canister (Cat. PLCAN).

IP68, AS/NZS 61046, UL 676

Spec Sheet / Dimensions:

High Power Series

High Power Series Brochure

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