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Hunza Step Lite Solid Eyelid Square

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Hunza Step Lite Solid Eyelid Square

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Hunza Step Lite Solid Eyelid Square

The Hunza Step Lite Solid Eyelid Square flange has a 88mm x 88mm smooth machined square finish without mounting holes to disrupt the elegant line of the luminaire and is designed to fit into a mounting canister.

Step lighting is an important part of any exterior lighting project for both safety and aesthetic purposes. The eyelid masks two thirds of the lamp face, eliminating any upward glare.

The body is machined from 63.5 x 10mm and the flange from a solid block of aluminium 88mm x 88mm aluminium with a UV stable powdercoated finish, solid copper or 316 stainless steel, clear tempered glass lens and high temperature silicon gaskets. The standard low voltage luminaires are suitable for use with an MR16 – 20 watt lamp (max) and is supplied with a high quality European lamp.

The Step Lite has mounting holes as standard, but if you install using a canister there would be no need. Hunza mounting canisters provide an efficient and professional method of installing Hunza exterior lighting luminaires. The internal O-rings also make the installed luminaires difficult to remove, therefore making them harder to steal; a priceless accessory for public installations.

Suitable for use with PureLED or retro fit LED lamps.



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