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Hunza Step Lite Louvre Square

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Hunza Step Lite Louvre Square

Hunza Step Lite Louvre Square

The Hunza Step Lite Louvre Square has a 88mm square flange with a thickness of only 7mm giving this Hunza Steplighting product a ‘sleek and stylish’ look with no protrusions. The Louvre design shades the face of the lamp, so the Step Lite Louvre is an ideal product for installing into a step-face.

The body is machined from 9mm solid copper or 316 stainless steel, it has a tempered glass lens with high temperature silicon gaskets and is supplied with a maximum 20 watt lamp. The standard low voltage luminaires are suitable for use with an MR16 – 20 watt lamp (max) and is supplied with a high quality European lamp.

The Step Lite has mounting holes as standard, but if you install using a canister there would be no need. Hunza mounting canisters provide an efficient and professional method of installing Hunza exterior lighting luminaires. The internal O-rings also make the installed luminaires difficult to remove, therefore making them harder to steal; a priceless accessory for public installations.

Suitable for use with PureLED or retro fit LED lamps.


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