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The Brand New LuxR Modux Glare Guard

LuxR Modux Glare GuardThe Glare Guard serves two purposes. Firstly, to protect the eye from the direct glare or sparkle effect from the light source; secondly, to provide an adjustable shield to direct unwanted light away from passers-by.

The Glare Guard’s body component is identical to LuxR’s M2 and M4 fittings. This means it can be adapted to any Modux Two or Modux Four Spike Spot, Mounted Spot or Pond Spot fitting.

A New Accessory For The Modux Series

LuxR Modux Glare GuardThe Glare Guard can also be used in combination with a hexcell Louvre baffle if required. It simply attaches by a thread and even when tight the chamfered end component will continue to turn so it can be rotated to any position.

The Glare Guard is precision CNC machined and comes in a choice of finishes; Solid Stainless Steel, Copper, (Anodised) Aluminium. It offers full 360° rotation to protect from unwanted glare while the stepped lens prevents water from pooling.

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