New Products In 2017

The Tilting Module: In Step, Floor & Flush Floor Lites

Hunza’s new tilting module is now available in the UK and Europe. We have pre-fitted it to the Step Lite, Floor Lite, and Flush Floor Lite to create three new luminaires.

The tilting module allows 360° rotation and 12° tilt from the centre and the spherical gimbal allows infinite beam correction for uneven surfaces plus directional adjustment for glare control.

The Tilting Module: As a brand new accessory

The Tilting Module is also available as an accessory and can be fitted to the latest generation bodies of PureLED luminaires. It is designed to fit into Hunza 63.5mm (2.5”) diameter PureLED bodies.

The spherical gimbal allows infinite beam correction for uneven surfaces and directional adjustment for glare control, particularly useful for Floor Lites, Pool Lites, and Step Lites.

If you’re interested in purchasing this module as an accessory but are unsure of it’s compatibility just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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Two New Additions To The Ultra Range

The Arch Bollard Round and Arch Bollard Square are ideal for commercial applications and best suited for ground lighting on driveways and pathways. They have a minimal, contemporary aesthetic that will blend into any architectural setting.

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These luminaires features a street lighting optic that casts a very long but narrow downwards illumination. The result is an extremely low glare light fitting with precise light placement. The head of these luminaires is highly durable to the elements.

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The All New TIR Lens

The TIR Lens will now be supplied as standard with all Hunza Path Lites. The main benefit of Hunza’s TIR Lens is how it dramatically improves light output on the horizontal plane, with the specially designed integral cone reflecting light outwards.

Total Image Reflector

There’s also the added feature of throwing light up to 10 degrees below the horizon plane, helping to accommodate for undulation in the ground. The lens is made from 18mm thick toughened glass and it completely fills the void and now stops any soil or moisture from entering the top facet. With this design change the lamp now needs to be an MR16 type lamp, or GU10 when using retro fit lamps.

Converting Existing Path Lites

To convert an existing Path Lite fitted with a G4 capsule, you will first need to remove the white disk that holds the lamp holder in place, and then fit the MR16 lamp. PureLED luminaires previously supplied with the domened lens will need the heat sink to be changed.

Micro Diamond 180

The Micro Diamond 180 is a miniature low-voltage dimmable outdoor uplight, with a 100mm spike for installing into soil. Illumination is directed in a 180° band inclined upward, ideal for illuminating shrubbery. Simply plant and orient. Ideal for planters and larger pots.

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Modux Wayfinder

The Wayfinder has a truly unique optic that orients and produces its asymmetric light distribution in a perfect wash. No light is emitted above the horizontal meaning no glare. Perfect for washing walls, paths, and low plantings.

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Modux Wall Washer

The Wall Washer features a precision rectangular wall-washing optic with excellent vertical beam uniformity. Especially designed for indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, the asymmetrically tilted beam (20 degree) ensures uniform illumination on vertical surfaces.

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Squarelight Wash

The Squarelight Wash is a low-voltage dimmable outdoor feature light that produces a wash distribution 5 degrees below the flange lip in a narrow decorative band. It is available in the Modux Two and Modux Four ranges and can be used as a path light wayfinder.

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Recessed Step Light with Slot

The Recessed Step Light with additional slot is available in the Modux Two and Modux Four ranges. It is a low-voltage dimmable outdoor step light that produces a pleasing wash distribution 5 degrees below the flange lip, and 10 degrees above.

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Large Recessed Round

A larger version of standard Modux Recessed Round, this is a low-voltage dimmable outdoor uplighter producing 120 lumens. This fitting is particularly useful when the mounting hole is generous or hole coverage is a priority. Available in the Modux Two and Modux Four ranges.

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Large Recessed Square

A larger version of standard Modux Recessed Square, this is a low-voltage dimmable outdoor uplighter producing 120 lumens. This fitting is particularly useful when the mounting hole is generous or hole coverage is a priority. Available in the Modux Two and Modux Four ranges.

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Large Recessed Square Louvre

A larger version of standard Modux Recessed Square Louvre, this is a low-voltage dimmable outdoor washer producing an attractive wash of light. This fitting is often used to illuminate stair treads. Available in the Modux Two and Modux Four ranges.

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Hunza Lighting In 2017

The Latest Hunza Catalogue

The latest edition of Hunza’s catalogue is available to download. It contains 108 high quality pages that not only showcase some very exciting new product ranges, but also introduce a host of updates to their already well established and comprehensive outdoor lighting range, allowing you to choose the appropriate fitting for your specific application.

Contents include: Light Sources, Architectural, Ground & Deck, Pole Mounted, Recessed & Inground, Step, Wall Mount, Tree Mount, Ceiling Mount, Underwater, Accessories, and Power Supply.

Featuring The Ultra Range

The Ultra Range features strong, industrial grade fixtures that are ideal for commercial applications. All fittings have a sleek and contemporary aesthetic look and feel that will enhance any architectural setting.

The Hunza Ultra LED system uses the latest Cree CXA LED chips for maximum performance and long life. And for easy replacement or upgrade of the LED engine Hunza’s innovative Plug-and-Play system is incorporated.

And All New Tilting Eave Light: With “Eyeball” for 360 degree rotation

Hunza’s all new Tilting Eave Light is a 3 watt or 6 watt recessed downlight ideal for installation in eaves, soffits, entrance ways, verandahs, carports or covered decks. It can also be used in bathrooms, kitchens or where moisture transfer or decibel rating is a minimum requirement.

The “Eyeball” allows for 360 degree rotation and in addition there is a 30 degree tilt from centre for the 3 watt, and 25 degree tilt from centre for the 6 watt.

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LuxR Modux Series In 2017

The All New LuxR Modux Series – Intelligent LED for Smarter Living

The LuxR Modux Series is a brand new concept in outdoor lighting. These contemporary modular light fixtures are powered by the all new LuxR light engine.

Contemporary living demands ever increasing efficiency in lighting yet many low-energy options fail to meet expectations of light output and quality.

LuxR LED has been specifically developed to meet the challenge of delivering high quality practical lighting, with maximum energy efficiency, and long maintenance-free life.

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Modux Series Features

  • Advanced lighting, designed by experienced lighting specialists
  • Ultra efficient LED light engine with industry leading Cree LEDs
  • Plug-in LED board for simple upgrade or replacement
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance
  • LEDShield series wiring electronic protection
  • Integral driver option (M2/M4) to compliment 12 volt AC/DC transformer systems
  • IP68 fully waterproof to 1 bar (9m) rating on all products
  • Dimmable light engine
  • Available in a range of durable contemporary finishes
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand
  • Confidence body warranty up to ten years
  • Confidence electronics warranty of five years

Modux Series Lighting Effects

Introducing the LuxR Modux Glare Guard: A brand new accessory for LuxR’s Modux Series

The Glare Guard serves two purposes. Firstly, to protect the eye from the direct glare or sparkle effect from the light source; secondly, to provide an adjustable shield to direct unwanted light away from passers-by.

The Glare Guard’s body component is identical to LuxR’s M2 & M4 fittings meaning it can be adapted to any Modux Two and Four Pond, Spot, and Spike fitting. This can be used in combination with a hexcell Louvre baffle if required. It simply attaches by a thread and even when tight the chamfered end component will continue to turn so it can be rotated to any position.

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