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Driven by customer demand and electrical regulations, some Hunza products on this site have been modified for the UK and European market. As a result please use this website, not the manufacturers website when referring to product specifications.

Ref No.DocumentProductCategory
1Path Lite PureLEDPath LitePath Lighting
2Path Lite Surface Mount PureLEDPath Lite Surface MountPath Lighting
3Border Lite PureLED *Border LitePath Lighting
4Border Lite *Border LitePath Lighting
5Bollard 300mm PureLEDBollardPath Lighting
6Bollard 300mmBollardPath Lighting
7Bollard 700mm PureLEDBollardPath Lighting
8Bollard 700mmBollardPath Lighting
9Mini Bollard PureLEDMini BollardPath Lighting
10Mini BollardMini BollardPath Lighting
11Twig Lite PureLEDTwig LitePath Lighting
12Twig LiteTwig LitePath Lighting
13Walkway Lite PureLEDWalkway LitePath Lighting
14Walkway LiteWalkway LitePath Lighting
15Fern Lite PureLEDFern LitePath Lighting
16Fern LiteFern LitePath Lighting
17Tier Lite PureLEDTier LitePath Lighting
18Tier LiteTier LitePath Lighting
19Step Lite PureLEDStep LiteStep Lighting
20Step LiteStep LiteStep Lighting
21Tilting Step Lite PureLED *Tilting Step LiteStep Lighting
22Step Lite Square PureLEDStep Lite SquareStep Lighting
23Step Lite SquareStep Lite SquareStep Lighting
24Step Lite Eyelid PureLEDStep Lite EyelidStep Lighting
25Step Lite EyelidStep Lite EyelidStep Lighting
26Step Lite Solid Eyelid PureLEDStep Lite Solid EyelidStep Lighting
27Step Lite Solid EyelidStep Lite Solid EyelidStep Lighting
28Step Lite Solid Eyelid Square PureLEDStep Lite Solid Eyelid SquareStep Lighting
29Step Lite Solid Eyelid SquareStep Lite Solid Eyelid SquareStep Lighting
30Step Lite Louvre PureLEDStep Lite LouvreStep Lighting
31Step Lite LouvreStep Lite LouvreStep Lighting
32Step Lite Louvre Square PureLEDStep Lite Louvre SquareStep Lighting
33Step Lite Louvre SquareStep Lite Louvre SquareStep Lighting
34Mouse Lite PureLEDMouse LiteStep Lighting
35Mouse LiteMouse LiteStep Lighting
36Mouse Lite Square PureLEDMouse Lite SquareStep Lighting
37Mouse Lite SquareMouse Lite SquareStep Lighting
38Pole Spot.pdfPole SpotUp Lighting
39Pole Spot PureLED.pdfPole SpotUp Lighting
40Spike Spot.pdfSpike SpotUp Lighting
41Spike Spot PureLED.pdfSpike SpotUp Lighting
42Spike Spot Adjustable.pdfSpike Spot AdjustableUp Lighting
43Spike Spot Adjustable PureLED.pdfSpike Spot AdjustableUp Lighting
44Twin Bar Lite.pdf *Twin Bar LiteUp Lighting
45Floor Lite.pdfFloor LiteUp Lighting
46Floor Lite PureLED.pdfFloor LiteUp Lighting
47Tilting Floor Lite PureLED.pdf *Tilting Floor LiteUp Lighting
48Flush Floor Lite.pdfFlush Floor LiteUp Lighting
49Flush Floor Lite PureLED.pdfFlush Floor LiteUp Lighting
50Flush Floor Lite Square PureLED.pdfFlush Floor Lite SquareUp Lighting
51Tilting Flush Floor Lite PureLED.pdf *Tilting Flush Floor LiteUp Lighting
52Tilting Flush Floor Lite Square PureLED.pdf *Tilting Flush Floor Lite SquareUp Lighting
53Floor Lite Square.pdfFloor Lite SquareUp Lighting
54Floor Lite Square PureLED.pdfFloor Lite SquareUp Lighting
55Lawn Lite.pdf *Lawn LiteUp Lighting
56Lawn Lite PureLED.pdfLawn LiteUp Lighting
57Lawn Lite Deck Mount.pdf *Lawn Lite Deck MountUp Lighting
58Lawn Lite Deck Mount PureLED.pdfLawn Lite Deck MountUp Lighting
59Inground 1-11.pdfInground 1-11Up Lighting
60Inground 1-11/12.pdfInground 1-11/12Up Lighting
61Inground 1-11gm.pdfInground 1-11gmUp Lighting
62Inground 1-11gm 12v.pdfInground 1-11gm 12vUp Lighting
63Driveway Lite.pdf *Driveway LiteUp Lighting
64Driveway Lite PureLED.pdfDriveway LiteUp Lighting
65NPS Spot.pdfNPS SpotUp Lighting
66NPS Spot PureLED.pdfNPS SpotUp Lighting
67Floor Lite Dark Lighter.pdfFloor Lite Dark LighterUp Lighting
68Floor Lite Dark Lighter PureLED.pdfFloor Lite Dark LighterUp Lighting
69Floor Lite Dark Square Lighter.pdfFloor Lite Dark LighterUp Lighting
70Floor Lite Dark Square Lighter PureLED.pdfFloor Lite Dark LighterUp Lighting
71Washer Lite PureLED.pdfWasher LiteUp Lighting
72Flush Washer Lite PureLED.pdfFlush Washer LiteUp Lighting
73Single Pole Lite.pdfSingle Pole LiteDown Lighting
74Single Pole Lite PureLED.pdfSingle Pole LiteDown Lighting
75Twin Pole Lite.pdfTwin Pole LiteDown Lighting
76Twin Pole Lite PureLED.pdfTwin Pole LiteDown Lighting
77Wall Spot.pdf *Wall SpotDown Lighting
78Wall Spot PureLED.pdf *Wall SpotDown Lighting
79Twin Wall Spot.pdf *Twin Wall SpotDown Lighting
80Twin Wall Spot PureLED.pdf *Twin Wall SpotDown Lighting
81Pillar Lite.pdf *Pillar LiteDown Lighting
82Pillar Lite PureLED.pdf *Pillar LiteDown Lighting
83Pagoda Lite.pdf *Pagoda LiteDown Lighting
84Pagoda Lite PureLED.pdf *Pagoda LiteDown Lighting
85Dual Liter.pdf *Dual LiterDown Lighting
86Dual Liter PureLED.pdf *Dual LiterDown Lighting
87E-Lite Round.pdfE-LiteDown Lighting
88E-Lite Round PureLED.pdfE-LiteDown Lighting
89E-Lite Square.pdfE-LiteDown Lighting
90E-Lite Square PureLED.pdfE-LiteDown Lighting
91Tilting Eave Lite 3W PureLED.pdfTilting Eave LiteDown Lighting
92Tilting Eave Lite 6W PureLED.pdfTilting Eave LiteDown Lighting
93Wall Down Lite.pdf *Wall Down LiteDown Lighting
94Wall Down Lite PureLED.pdf *Wall Down LiteDown Lighting
95Hanging Lite.pdfHanging LiteDown Lighting
96Hanging Lite PureLED.pdfHanging LiteDown Lighting
97Tier Lite Wall Mount.pdfTier Lite Wall MountDown Lighting
98Tier Lite Wall Mount PureLED.pdfTier Lite Wall MountDown Lighting
99Double Pagoda Lite.pdf *Double Pagoda LiteDown Lighting
100Double Pagoda Lite PureLED.pdf *Double Pagoda LiteDown Lighting
101Euro Spot.pdfEuro SpotEuro Collection
102Euro Spot PureLED.pdfEuro SpotEuro Collection
103Euro Twin Bar Lite.pdfEuro Twin Bar LiteEuro Collection
104Euro Step Lite.pdfEuro Step LiteEuro Collection
105Euro Step Lite PureLED.pdfEuro Step LiteEuro Collection
106Euro Step Lite Solid Eyelid.pdfEuro Step Lite Solid EyelidEuro Collection
107Euro Step Lite Solid Eyelid PureLED.pdfEuro Step Lite Solid EyelidEuro Collection
108Euro Single Pole Lite.pdfEuro Single Pole LiteEuro Collection
109Euro Single Pole Lite PureLED.pdfEuro Single Pole LiteEuro Collection
110Euro Twin Pole Lite.pdfEuro Twin Pole LiteEuro Collection
111Euro Twin Pole Lite PureLED.pdfEuro Twin Pole LiteEuro Collection
112Euro Wall Spot.pdf *Euro Wall SpotEuro Collection
113Euro Wall Spot PureLED.pdf *Euro Wall SpotEuro Collection
114Euro Twin Wall Spot.pdf *Euro Twin Wall SpotEuro Collection
115Euro Twin Wall Spot PureLED.pdf *Euro Twin Wall SpotEuro Collection
116Sign Lite.pdfSign LiteSign Lighting
117Sign Lite PureLED.pdfSign LiteSign Lighting
118Euro Sign Lite PureLED.pdfSign LiteSign Lighting
119Twin Sign Lite PureLED.pdfSign LiteSign Lighting
120Wall Wash Spot.pdf *Wall Wash SpotSign Lighting
121Wall Wash Spot PureLED.pdf *Wall Wash SpotSign Lighting
122Marine Cabin Lite.pdfMarine Cabin LiteUnderwater & Marine Lighting
123Marine Cockpit Lite.pdfMarine Cockpit LiteUnderwater & Marine Lighting
124Pool Lite.pdfPool LiteUnderwater & Marine Lighting
125Pool Lite PureLED.pdfPool LiteUnderwater & Marine Lighting
126Pond Lite.pdfPond LiteUnderwater & Marine Lighting
127Pond Lite PureLED.pdfPond LiteUnderwater & Marine Lighting
128Mounting Canisters.pdfMounting CanistersAccessories
129Glare Guard.pdfGlare GuardAccessories
130Glare Guard Moonlight.pdfGlare Guard MoonlightAccessories
131Hex Cell Louvre Adaptor.pdfHex Cell Louvre AdaptorAccessories
132Super Spike.pdfSuper SpikeAccessories
133Super Spike Adaptor.pdfSuper SpikeAccessories
134Tree Mount Kit.pdfTree Mount KitAccessories
135Flange Mount.pdf *Flange MountAccessories
136Tilting Module PureLED.pdf *Tilting ModuleAccessories
137Wall Mount Transformer.pdfWall Mount TransformerAccessories
138Buriable Transformer T-20.pdfBuriable Transformer T-20Accessories
139Buriable Transformer T-50.pdfBuriable Transformer T-50Accessories
140Buriable Transformer T-100.pdfBuriable Transformer T-100Accessories
141Buriable Transformer T-150.pdfBuriable Transformer T-150Accessories
142Buriable Transformer T-200.pdfBuriable Transformer T-200Accessories
143Buriable Transformer T-300.pdfBuriable Transformer T-300Accessories
144LuxR Modux One.pdfLuxR Modux OneModux Series
145LuxR Modux One Wayfinder.pdfLuxR Modux One WayfinderModux Series
146LuxR Modux One Saber.pdfLuxR Modux Oine SaberModux Series
147LuxR Modux Two.pdfLuxR Modux TwoModux Series
148LuxR Modux Four.pdfLuxR Modux FourModux Series
149LuxR Modux Micro.pdfLuxR Modux MicroModux Series
150LuxR Modux Micro.Recessed Spot.pdfLuxR Modux Micro Recessed SpotModux Series
151LuxR Modux Micro.Recessed Steplight.pdfLuxR Modux Micro Recessed SteplightModux Series
152LuxR Modux Micro.Recessed Pathlight.pdfLuxR Modux Micro Recessed PathlightModux Series
153LuxR Modux Mounting Canister.pdfLuxR Modux Mounting CanisterModux Series
154LuxR Modux V1.pdfLuxR Modux V1Modux Series
155HP Wall Spot.pdfHP Wall SpotHigh Power Series
156HP Down Lite.pdfHP Down LiteHigh Power Series
157HP Pillar Lite.pdfHP Pillar LiteHigh Power Series
158HP Spike Spot.pdfHP Spike SpotHigh Power Series
159HP Tree Mount.pdfHP Tree MountHigh Power Series
160HP Safe Touch 50 pdfHP Safe Touch 50High Power Series
161HP Pond Lite.pdfHP Pond LiteHigh Power Series
162HP Pool Lite.pdfHP Pool LiteHigh Power Series
163Cube Bollard Cloak.pdfCube BollardCube Series
164Cube Bollard Quartz.pdfCube BollardCube Series
165Cube Pole Spot.pdfCube Pole SpotCube Series
166Cube Wall.pdfCube WallCube Series
167Cube Pillar.pdfCube PillarCube Series
168Wall Spot Ultra.pdfWall Spot UltraUltra Range
169Pole Spot Ultra.pdfPole Spot UltraUltra Range
170Flood Lite Ultra.pdfFlood Lite UltraUltra Range
171Down Lite Ultra.pdfDown Lite UltraUltra Range
172Pillar Lite Ultra.pdfPillar Lite UltraUltra Range
173Ceiling Mount Ultra.pdfCeiling Mount UltraUltra Range
174Arch Bollard Round Ultra.pdfArch Bollard Round UltraUltra Range
175Arch Bollard Square Ultra.pdfArch Bollard Square UltraUltra Range
176Bollard Ultra.pdfBollard UltraUltra Range
177ST150 Ultra.pdfST150 UltraUltra Range
178ST150 RGBW Ultra.pdfST150 RGBW UltraUltra Range
179Osram 12V.pdfOsram 12VLED Lamps
180Soraa.pdfSoraaLED Lamps
181Soraa 12V.pdfSoraa 12VLED Lamps
182GU Soraa 7.5W.pdfGU Soraa 7.5WLED Lamps
183AR1-11 18.5W Soraa.pdfAR1-11 18.5W SoraaLED Lamps
1842W G9.pdf2W G9LED Lamps
185MR16 4.6W GU10 Osram.pdfMR16 4.6W GU10 OsramLED Lamps
186T-ECP4-IF Driver.pdfT-ECP4-IF DriverLED Drivers
187T-M-97757 Driver.pdfT-M-97757 DriverLED Drivers
188T-D-LCM-25 Driver.pdfT-D-LCM-25 DriverLED Drivers
189T-MP15 Driver.pdfT-MP15 DriverLED Drivers
190T-M-97404 Driver.pdfT-M-97404 DriverLED Drivers
191T-D-93010236 Driver.pdfT-D-93010236 DriverLED Drivers
192T-D-93010235 Driver.pdfT-D-93010235 DriverLED Drivers
193T-LPC-35-1050 Driver.pdfT-LPC-35-1050 DriverLED Drivers
194T-LD25W Driver.pdfT-LD25W DriverLED Drivers
195T-2000B Driver.pdfT-2000B DriverLED Drivers
196DALI LCM-40DA Driver.pdfDALI LCM-40DA DriverDALI Dimming LED Drivers
197DALI LCM-60DA Driver.pdfDALI LCM-60DA DriverDALI Dimming LED Drivers

* Modified for the UK & European market [?]

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